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Margaret’s Story

Patient stories

Margaret didn’t have the common symptoms. There was no pain in her chest – no “classic warning signs” – before suffering a heart attack three months after her 40th birthday…. read more

Arlene’s Story

Patient stories

Arlene’s first warning signs of heart disease appeared last fall during her nightly walks around her neighborhood. It wasn’t like the movies; there wasn’t an intense pressure, or sharp stabbing… read more

Fran’s Story

Patient stories

As Fran began the long walk to work from the parking lot that morning she knew that she felt unwell. But once inside, the feeling subsided so she continued to… read more

Kitchener Waterloo Poppy Fund

Donor stories

Special thanks to our friends at the Kitchener Waterloo Poppy Fund for their generous investment in the Heart Rhythm Program at St. Mary’s.

Here When You Need It

Staff stories

Many members of the community are unaware that the cost to finance round-the-clock, lifesaving care is not 100% covered by Ontario’s current healthcare funding model. read more

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 234 – Guelph

Donor stories

Thank you to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 234 out of Guelph for their generous donation in support of Cardiac Care at St. Mary’s.  Proceeds from their Poppy Fund have been directed to the Heart… read more

The Royal Canadian Legion – Ladies Auxiliaries Charitable Foundation supports the ICU

Donor stories

  Thank you To the Royal Canadian Legion – Ladies Auxiliaries Charitable Foundation for your generous donation towards an ICU Care Bed at St. Mary’s.

May Court Club

Donor stories

Thank you to the May Court Club of Kitchener-Waterloo for your continued support of  cardiac care in our community through your annual Christmas Dreams fundraiser.  This year $10,000 was raised in… read more

Grand River Masonic Lodge

Donor stories

Thank you to the members of the Grand River Masonic Lodge for their generous donation of $10,000 to St. Mary’s.  Funds have been directed towards the purchase of two new pain pumps… read more

RTO Golf Tournament

Donor stories

A special thank you to the RTO Golf Tournament as they celebrate their 20th anniversary of supporting healthcare in our community. In September 2016,  the tournament, along with the support… read more