St. Mary’s receives top accreditation award

July 29th, 2011

St. Mary’s General Hospital has received a full three-year Accreditation award from Accreditation Canada after an extensive review of the hospital’s quality and safety standards and practices. Less than 20% of acute care hospitals in Canada achieve this top level award. 

“Our staff, physicians and volunteers work very hard each day to ensure our patients have access to the safest and highest quality care possible,” says Don Shilton, President of St. Mary’s. “To receive full Accreditation is an outstanding achievement.” 

The Accreditation Canada survey team visited St. Mary’s in February, meeting with more than 200 staff, physicians, volunteers, patients and families. The surveyors also reviewed 31 Required Organizational Practices, which focus on industry gold standards of practice in the areas of quality and patient safety. They surveyors found that all practices were fully in place at St. Mary’s. 

Strengths highlighted at St. Mary’s by the surveyors include: 

  • An openness and commitment within the organization at all levels to examine current processes and systems and make improvements.
  • Excellent relationships with community partners as well as a high level of patient satisfaction
  • Introduction of the regional 24/7 Code STEMI program for cardiac treatment
  • Development of the Chest Centre of Excellence and Level I Thoracic Surgery Centre

In the fall of 2010 St. Mary’s set an ambitious goal to become the safest hospital in Canada. Achievement of this goal is measured using the Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR), a ratio of actual hospital deaths over expected deaths. For the past six years, St. Mary’s has consistently performed better than the national benchmark of 100. In 2009/10 the St. Mary’s HSMR was 76, one of the lowest in Canada and in 2010/11, St. Mary’s further reduced their HSMR to 69. 

“We’re very pleased with this full Accreditation award as well as the continued improvement in our HSMR,” says Shilton. “Both are strong indications that the efforts of our staff, physicians and volunteers to become the safest and most effective hospital in Canada are paying off.”

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