Penny’s story

Photo of Penny Viana and her do Luke.

Penny Viana was your typical “gym rat”. Her healthy lifestyle included Yoga, Step, Zumba and any other fun class that was offered.

That’s why at 45 years old, and experiencing fatigue, pain, and other symptoms, Penny and those close to her didn’t even suspect heart problems.

Initially embarrassed by her loss of stamina and endurance, Penny’s symptoms grew worse and her doctor sent her for a stress test. The test revealed that Penny was experiencing heart failure and needed to be assessed more thoroughly. When Penny was admitted to St. Mary’s Regional Cardiac Care Centre, she was given an angiogram to treat two blockages.

She now looks forward to her rehabilitation program with her new friends where she feels a new sense of independence, hope and fitness. Penny even decided to add to her family and has adopted a Chocolate Lab name Luke who makes sure to take her for a walk every day!

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