Linda’s story

The art and caring of nursing 

Dear St. Mary’s: 

Photo of Linda Kruse, Registered nurse and St. Mary's patient

As a registered nurse I had become increasingly more concerned that the art and caring of nursing had disappeared. I graduated from SMGH School of Nursing in 1969, worked as an RN at St. Mary’s, and then taught nursing at Conestoga College until two and a half years ago with many of my clinical placements students at SMGH. 

In early December 2008, I attended the pre-surgical clinic and on Dec 9 I was admitted to day surgery to have my gallbladder removed. I have to say that I am happy to report that the art and caring of nursing is very much alive and well in these two areas. 

Every person that I came into contact with was competent, caring and provided excellent care. From Sue in the pre-surg area to the admitting clerk, to the volunteer, to the nurses in the recovery area, I felt cared for and safe. I want to mention the porter who took me to the OR in particular. He was friendly, helped to allay my anxiety, explained everything that was going on and was a warm and caring person. Two of the nurses, Sue in pre-surg and Monica in the OR were students of mine and it was wonderful to see the nurses they have become. 

SMGH has always been close to my heart and this experience was so positive and reinforced for me that the caring is still present and the care is excellent. Keep it up. 

Patients are frightened and uncertain of what will happen and the nurses and other staff can have such a profound effect on helping to allay these fears. Thank you for making this experience much less stressful for me and my husband. 

Linda Kruse

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