Here when you need it, thanks to you.

St. Mary’s owes everything to the support of this community. After all, it was because of a small but mighty group of benefactors that the hospital was first established. Their collective action raised the funds needed to build and equip the hospital back in 1924.

We continue to owe a lot to you, the “barn raisers” in our community today. Often unseen, you band together with other likeminded individuals, dedicated to the betterment of healthcare in Waterloo Region. Your commitment is what continues to shape and enable our work; transforming patient care and saving lives. And for that we are incredibly grateful.

As with hospitals across the province, St. Mary’s relies on the support of the community to fund the vital services we provide. Though the Ministry of Health funds 90% of construction costs and the day-to-day operations of the hospital, it is only thanks to the generous investment of our donors that St. Mary’s is able to purchase the new and replacement equipment needed to deliver lifesaving care to our patients.

We are proud to boast that, for the second time in five years, St. Mary’s has been named the safest hospital in Canada. An incredible accomplishment and one that you have enabled through your investment. It is also thanks to your support that St. Mary’s General Hospital’s Regional Cardiac Care Centre will soon be able to offer specialized Heart Rhythm treatment to patients locally; a program that would not have come to fruition without substantial community investment.

Donors are critical to the delivery of advanced healthcare at St. Mary’s. This report showcases the outcomes of your support, priority projects you have helped to fund, and features a few of the many supporters that we are fortunate to partner with in an effort to provide the very best healthcare locally.

On behalf of the patients and families that we serve, thank you for investing in the lives of thousands throughout our Region. Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated.


Don Shilton
President, St. Mary’s General Hospital

Susan Dusick
President, St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation

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