Hausman Family

Dedication over the Generations

The Hausman Family strongly believes that caring means sharing. The value became a tradition passed on from generation to generation on both sides of the Hausman family.

Another of their values is to live modestly, work hard and with dedication to the job. Both Bron and Diana Hausman have been following those values while making Canada their home after arriving from Austria over half a century ago.

Through hardships and hard work, they have created a new family tradition: sharing their good fortune. In 2000, the Hausmans invested in St. Mary’s General Hospital to honour their parents: Fritz and Lucia Hausman, and Sigmund and Rosalie Gertsman. This gift marked the beginning of a long-lasting relationship with St. Mary’s Hospital.Hausman 007

They continue to support St. Mary’s and have passed this tradition, along with their values, to their son Dorian who is proud to follow in their footsteps.

In August of 2012 Diana and Dorian established the Hausman Family Fund. This funds focus was on improved care and access for our most vulnerable patients, the frail and elderly. Investments were made into the expansion of the Geriatric Outreach Team at St. Mary’s. This teams services included ER care, community follow up and the recruitment and training of additional Geriatric Nurse Practitioners.

As a result of Diana’s vision and determination The Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Program at St. Mary’s is now the model of care being used in the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care pilot study.

St. Mary’s and our community have Diana to thank for the success of this program and the increased focus on the frail and elderly in our community.

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