Dr. Chad Lavallee

When I decided to become a doctor, it was because I wanted to make a difference. When I chose to be a radiologist, it was because I wanted to help save lives.

I spend every day looking for things; scary things mostly, like cancer and lung disease. To do this, I rely on my training, my intellect, and my equipment.

One of the best tools at my disposal is the CT-Scanner at St. Mary’s. It has served us well and has saved countless lives since we installed it more than ten years ago. But like all high-tech equipment, it’s showing its age and needs to be replaced. In most hospitals, CT-Scanners get replaced after 7-8 years but at St. Mary’s, we’ve done a great job in getting the most out of our technology and our CT-Scanner in particular. We now find ourselves at the point where investing in new technology makes much more sense than maintaining our old technology.

With a new CT-Scanner, we will reduce radiation exposure, conduct faster tests, and diagnose disease more accurately.

What I’m most excited about is the ability to map out the heart. As you know, St. Mary’s is the home to a regional Cardiac Care Centre and this new technology will allow us to provide a new service to our patients – an arrhythmia program that treats irregular heart rhythms that if unchecked, can lead to cardiac arrest. With the new CT-Scanner, I will be able to take a picture of a beating heart, diagnose a problem with certainty, and save a life.

And ultimately, that’s why I really became a doctor. To save lives. Your donation to our CT-Scanner campaign will do just that.

This Christmas, will you help me make a difference?

Thank you,

Dr. Chad Lavallee